Backpart moulding machine 2 HOT + 2 COLD stations
  • Cold universal air inflatable pad
  • Hot rubber pad
  • Alu-mould inclined towards operator
  • Alu mould raise to the pad
  • Horizontally pivoted pincers pincers with variable pulling direction “S”


Any type of uppers, the machine is particulary indicated to manage uppers with thermoplastic or thermoadesive coated counters.
The operator loads an upper, with counter inserted, onto the heated mould. Then activating cycle begins: by heating and pressure counter is activated and the materials (upper, counter and lining) are laminated togheter without defects. When activation is finished, upper is released. The operator unloads it from heated station and loads onto cooled one, pulling pincers tension the upper then moulding cycle starts: the pad is inflated on alu cold mould, backpart of the upper at this point is moulded and the shape stabilized. When settled time is well the upper is released and mould return to start position to allow unloading and new cycle.
Electronic control with digital visualization of heated moulds temperatures.

Clear view of the back seam during loading of the upper onto heated mould, thanks to mould inclination towards the operator.

The moulds are constructed according to the shape of customer’s last.


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