Toe Forming Machine
  • One COLD station for STROBEL, NORM or STITCH-DOWN preparation
  • One HOT stations for toe puff reactivation
  • Pneumatic Balancing Kit, Double stroke, special Teflon
  • Teflon end stroke quick adjustments
  • Hydraulic control of second descent


Any type of uppers, the machine is particulary indicated to process uppers with thermoplastic or thermoadesive coated toe-puffs. Uppers can be preshaped both in case of traditional ago lasting than in case of string-lasting or (strobel stitching) for sport shoes of many kinds, and also in case of clogs. This operation greatly facilitates the further phase of lasting or stitching because the forepart of the upper is already near and fitting to the perimetrical line of the toe and sole part of the last. Once finished, thanks to the previously made shaping, the shoe does not need any additional conditioning by hot/cold or vacuum chambers.
The operator loads an upper (or the only forepart), with toe-puff inserted, inside the heated moulds. Then activating cycle begins: by heating and pressure the toe part is activated and the materials (upper, toe-puff and lining) are laminated togheter without defects. When activation is finished, upper is released. The operator unloads it from heated station and loads onto cooled one, locking pincers keep the upper then moulding cycle starts: the synthetic shaped band descents on cooled last spreading the upper and making it to fit onto the alu-mould. The upper at this point is moulded and its shape is stabilized. When settled time is dwell the upper is released and moulds return to start position to allow unloading and new cycle.
Clear view and precision during loading of the upper onto cooled mould, thanks to movable mechanical stops with graduated scale.

Electronic control with digital visualization of heated and cooled moulds temperatures.

Possibility of adjustment/adapting to different thickness from lighter uppers to the more thick ones.

Cold moulds are constructed according to the shape of customer’s lasts.


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